Sorting & changing status of pages throws error



Sorting pages & moving them from listed status back to unlisted or draft mode does not work for me anymore.

I cannot see anything in the console but the status change throws: The JSON response from the API could not be parsed. Please check your API connection.

I’m using Kirby 3.0.3. And the issue appears only on my live server.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Matt



Do other changes work? Like updating a page etc.? Somehow it sounds like a permission issue.


Yes, I can edit & save anything else. Just my sorting & status updates get lost, duplicated or twisted around.


What is the response coming from the server? (You can see it in your browser dev tools network tab)


Update: I checked with FTP the content folder, and it seems the issue was created by a duplicated content folder:

Deleting one of them solved the issue. Don’t know where or when the duplicate origined but i assume sometime when I was doing a sorting or status change.

The issue seems to be solved.