Error: rename(D:\path...): Access denied (code: 5)

I have a page container “casinos” which right now contains one subpage. I can change the visibility status of the subpage just fine but it won’t let me change the status of the parent page. I tried setting it to draft, unlisted, tried different positions - nothing works. I also can’t manually move or rename the folder.

If I delete the subpage, the error does not occur. “Casinos” hat the preset type “pages”.

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

To me that sounds like a file permission/file ownership issue. How did you create the casino page?

I created it in the panel.

It’s pretty odd, because my blog page also has subpages and everything works fine there.
The blog page however doesn’t have the preset “pages” but instead uses a section with the pages type.
I just noticed that now. So it seems like that makes a difference (?).

I’ll try using a section for my casinos page.

I never use the presets, but if it turns out as the root of the issue, please let us know.

Could be related with following issue?

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I just checked my blog page, which uses the section type pages and the error does in fact occur aswell. When I created the blog I must have published it first before creating the articles (subpages) and thus I did not get an error. Now when I try to change the blog from published to draft, I get the same error as with my other page.

Regarding byyboras comment:
This actually helped fix my problem. As stated in the GitHub issue, they used some program to monitor the kirby files for changes.

Well, I was using Prepros to compile my SCSS and it was of course watching the whole folder structure. I exited Prepros and the error disappeared and I can publish pages without issues, no matter if I use a preset or a section.