Overview of different structures


I am new to Kirby and I wonder what the best solution is for my problem with blueprint.
I’ve got a price lists overview with many price lists (that each contain structures). And I want my client to be able to create new price lists and fill in the structures.

How would I best tackle this issue within Kirby blueprints?

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Welcome to our forum, @AuwersK.

If the number of pricelists is not known in advance, you can either:

  • use a nested structure field, where the first level would be the name of the price list and the 2nd level the items with prices
  • use a new subpage for each pricelist with a structure field in it
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Thank you for the fast reply!
Didn’t even think of the first solution! Going to try it now.

Hi I solved my problem with creating seperate price lists but now I am running into a different issue.
When I got a treatment page with the name " Microblading " and I want to create a price list page “Microblading” I get an error saying the page name already exists. Is there a solution that i can make price list the same way as now but that they aren’t treated as a “page”?

I don’t quite know what your page structure is like, but what you can do:

  • in your microblading page, use a structure field for the prices (and the same for each other category)
  • or: for each category page (assuming that microblading is one such category), create a subpage pricelist that has a structure field for the prices

Thank you for your solution.

I used the first option since it will solve the majority of cases.