[SOLVED] Blueprint: Multiple Pages

Hello there,

as i am new to Kirby (happy so far) and try to do some stuff to dig in deeper i come up with a question.
I cant find a blueprint field to add “pages” not a single page, i want to link to more then 1.

Is there chance to generate a kind of a pagelist / linklist?

Thank you

Here it is:
Good luck with Kirby :wink:

Thank you @Constantin
But i am a bit confused…


I can use a panel field for a single page link. Is that possible to have that panel field for (let’s say) 2,3 or even 7 links?

Thank you

You could use a structure field with a page field as subfield. Then you can add as many items as you want.

An alternative would be one of these plugins:

So, the “structre” field works kind of a repeater then?

Thank you, i will go through your Links, that’s helpful.

Yes, exactly, it’s made for all cases where you have multiple instances of the same kind of information. If you want, you can limit the number of items a user can add.

oh lala… thats pretty nice!
Thank you @texnixe

I was developing sites for a few years with sallyCMS, but it’s deprecated.
So i feel very happy to work with that kind of structre.

I just tested it… works!

Thank you All!