Overriding .txt file with custom form fields

Hi! I am very new to Kirby, so I apologize in advance if I butcher this question. I am trying to make a custom form field in the panel, and I added it into the blueprint of the page I’m trying to add this field to. In my case, it’s the About page, and the header field:

title: About
pages: false
files: true
    label: Title
    type:  text
    label: Header
    type:  text

I also have this field added in the about.txt content file, so it prepopulates the Header field in the panel. However, if I try to change the value in the panel and hit Save, it reverts to what is in the about.txt file. How am I able to make changes through the panel and have it update the page automatically?

This is automatic, or at least it should be. Is the folder writable? Is it a single- or multi language setup?

In my experience, issues with the panel not saving are usually due to language issues (is there about about.en.txt or anything like that in the content folder as well)… or sometimes in the past due to the contents of the txt file (about.txt) somehow being messed up. I haven’t seen the latter happen lately though.

Yes, I now see that there is an about.en.txt file in the content folder that holds my panel updates. Is there a way to have that be the default .txt file the panel pulls in from?

If you use a multi language setup, your text files need to have the language extensions. So for English, you need an about.en.txt, and for the other languages the respective about.xx.txt files. Just delete the about.txt file without the language code, then the panel should work alright.

Yes, thank you @texnixe !!