Multi Language page On and Off

I´m looking for a solution for a client that need there site in 3 languages but the blog they want to maintain in just one language. Is it possible to exclude/ignore the other text files that is created by the panel? To always have content on the pages and maintain this in a good way. Maybe in the template for the blog define the language? If so how is the best way around this?

Any ideas is welcome… :thumbsup:

First of all, the panel does not create text files in all languages automatically. If you only fill and save the default language, no other language specific text files will be created. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent the panel to show the form in other languages, at least not out of the box and therefore you cannot prevent the user to accidentally fill in the “wrong” form (apart from maybe an info text that instructs the user to only fill the English form)

In your template, you can filter by language code to just display the content of one language.

Thank you for a really quick answer. :smiley: I was thinking that the panel did as with Kirby v1 and made the txt files for all languages upon first save. But then in the template, if nothing is changed, the language that have content will be visible even if the current language do not have any content.

So if I make my page in English and Spanish. And I make my content in Spanish that mean that mean that my English users will get Spanish content even with /en in the URL.

Do I understand this correctly?

Exactly, let’s say Spanish is your default language, Kirby will fall back to Spanish if there is no English content available.

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Thank you! I´ll go ahead and do this. :slight_smile: