Field content in site.txt gets overwritten by the panel

Hi there!

I’m new to kirby and I really love it so far :slight_smile: I ran into a problem though: I can’t edit my site.txt – if I do, the panel automatically overwrites the content to it’s prior state. I already searched the forum for similar threads and tried the solutions there, but nothing helps.

The strange thing is, that the initial edit of the site.txt worked – I just can’t do another edit (not via the panel, nor via manual file edit). I tried to replace the panel installation with a newly downloaded one and I even deleted and re-created the site.txt-file – without any improvements though.

I run kirby on a Mac, with MAMP as a server setup. File permissions seem to be ok. In an attempt to run a brand new kirby installation, I noticed that the problem doesn’t appear. But since I’ve done some templating already, I would love to continue my work with my current installation.

Any suggestions would be warmly appreciated :slight_smile:
Thank you,

Hm, that’s strange. Please verify the following:

  • If you go to the site options in the Panel, is the content of the site.txt displayed correctly?
  • If you click the save button, do you get the green confirmation smiley at the top right or do you get a red error? Or nothing at all?
  • Does it work if you try it in a different browser or on a different device?

Hi Lukas!

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: The content is displayed correctly, no errors (I even get the confirmation smiley). But: Nearly the same minute I read your reply I found out, that I had another txt-file in the content folder. I had it there for hours now, but I didn’t realize that this other file actually somehow overrules my site.txt (it had the same contents as my site.txt, I must have duplicated it per mistake).

Since deleting the other txt-file everything works like a charm again :smiley:
Thanks for your help, issue resolved :smile:


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