Organizing news – archive over date function

First, if there is a better title for this topic please tell me. And I don’t know if this really is a technical matter?!

I have a news folder with all news in it. But when the news are not anymore news, I can’t change the template, let say, from news to archive. So I created a empty archive content folder with it own template.

This template displays all new-items older then the current date. So far so good. But when I click on a single item, it opens, as a weakness of my concept, with the news template and the news-link is active.

I can’t say open this link with a special template.

I could move manually the items-folders to archive via ftp, but this no way for my client.

Is there a best practice?

With Kirby 2.3.0, you can now change the template via the panel, I think that’s probably the easiest way of achieving this.

Using your concept, you could change the links to open them in /archive/news-xxx and then use a route to reroute to the correct page. You can avoid the active link stuff by filtering your pages.

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thank you @texnixe,
I’ll take the first way. I saw the template changing discussion some days before, I didn’t knew that it is already included in Kirby 2.3. :grinning:

Hi texnixe,
when I updated kirby to 2.3, I saw a symbol for changing the template. By clicking the symbol I saw every blueprint in my project. After login again the the symbol disappeared?! Do I have to initialize somewhere the ability to change the template – and to limit the selection?

supplement: Its’s working now. I had to add the wanted template in the blueprint and restart the panel again. All working fine now.

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