Changing the Layout of a Picture Blog without changing the whole template

Hey dear Kirby- Comunity!

I’m absolutley new to Kirby, I have some front-end programming experience though.

Here’s my question: A friend of mine asked me to change the layout of his websites Blog (Just displaying the pictures a bit different)

Can this be done without changing the whole template? I have some experience in PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS of course.

Thank you all very much for your help!

We would need more information before we could really advise on this matter.

What does the old gallery look like?
How does he want it to look?

In general, whether or not you could change the layout without touching a template depends on how the template is already structured and how drastic of a change is required.

It is possible that some CSS would suffice if the layout is very basic.

Another approach would be to create 2 snippets, gallery-a.php and gallery-b.php and include them into the template instead of having the gallery code directly inside of it. You could then have a blueprint field “gallerytype” that the template looks for, and includes the correct snippet based on that setting.