Change page template after page has been created

A few weeks ago I created a blog page (what is to be the index page for my blog where all of the archived posts are listed) and then proceeded to add my various blog entries/articles underneath it. Right now I’ve got about 55 blog posts in total.

At the time, I didn’t have a blog page template design so I just used the standard page template when creating /blog. Problem is, now I can’t figure out how to change that /blog template to something that is based on this tutorial

Does anyone know how to switch the template of an existing page from within the panel (or via FTP) without losing all of the pages (my 55 blog posts) underneath it?

Thanks for whatever help you can provide!


You cannot change the template from within the panel. You need to rename the text file to the name of the template you want to use to display its contents in the filesystem.

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So if your page content file is currently stored at content/blog/default.txt, you only need to rename that file to content/blog/blog.txt.

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Thanks! It worked. I did have to go through and change the name of the text file for each post, but it only took a few minutes.

Next time you need to change templates for a couple of files you can do sth like this in bash or terminal…

for /r %x in (oldtemplatename.txt) do ren "%x" newtemplatename.txt


edit: maybe your code editor / text writing tool has a build in search and replace function that might be used to rename files in batch too!

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