changeTemplate how?

I’m having issue with the most basic of things maybe im overlooking.

Stock install of the starterkit, by default it looks like i cant change the template of any page despite being admin. Where do i allow it to be able to change template of any page in the pages blueprint or admin user?

I’ve tried changeTemplate in default.yml but it doesnt affect anything. Any assistance?

Did you list them out in the page blueprint?

title: Default

    - sidebarright
    - sidebarleft
    - widecontent
    - mediaset
    - blog
    - blogarticle
    - contact

This assumes i know the pages though? If i go to add new page the template option is greyed by default.

No, its on a per blueprint basis, not per page. But you have to add all possible templates per blueprint.

Check out the solution I suggested in this post if you want to allow the same templates for all blueprints: The changeTemplate workflow

Edit: Do you mean being able too change the template after the page has been created? Sounds as if you mean you cannot create a new page with a template other then the default page. That is defined in the site.yml blueprint, which has a create: default option in the pages section. This option means that in this section, only pages with a default template can be created.