Only some images loading

Hi All, I’m planning to use Kirby for a few sites I am developing so am currently learning the ins and outs. I have been developing this test site but have run into an issue with loading images from projects. I don’t really understand what’s happening as some of the images are loading and some are not. I’m using the below php loop to create an img for each project to put into a slideshow

<?php foreach ($page->children()->children() as $project) : ?>
     <li class="splide__slide">
          <img src="<?= $project->image()->url() ?>" alt="">
 <?php endforeach ?>

As I mentioned some images load and some don’t, I know the path is correct as I have an alternate part which loads the titles of the projects. I have even tried a direct img tag with src and no php but it’s still not loading some images. I thought perhaps it was the images themselves but there is no discernible difference between them. I have also linked a git with the project with the full files if that helps. Thanks!

Don’t use spaces in folder names and stick with lowercase letters.

Hi texnixe, thanks so much for the help, it worked on my mac. I have the same project on my windows pc running on local host apache via xampp but the issue persists. Any thoughts on that?


Only with some images or with all? Which files work and which don’t? Have you changed the page folder names in the meantime?

But not familar with Windows peculiarities… Maybe a problem with the file names themselves as some seem to have spaces as well. Or the PHP memory setting on Xampp.

I have updated all the file and folder names as you suggested, removing all spaces. Sadly still no joy on all images, I will look into the php memory settings. Thanks