Image doesn't appear on the website

I want to insert an image but it does not appear on the website
on another website, it works really well

this how my template/jobs.php looks like

<div id="main">
<section id="article-header" style="background-image:url(<?php echo $page->image($page->bilder())->url() ?>);" data-bg-srcset="/img/jobs-header-bg-800.jpg;;/img/jobs-header-bg-1500.jpg;;/img/jobs-header-bg-2500.jpg">

and this is how my blueprints/jobs.php looks like

        en: image
        de: bild
    type: select
    options: images

What do you mean by “on another website it works well”.

The php code is ok, what sort of output do you get in the source code? Does the image exist in the page folder?

it says “graphic couldn’t be loaded”

and the photo does exist in the build/img folder

Well I think the problem is rather related to your image replacement and has nothing to do with Kirby and your php code. Maybe the srcset link is not correct?

yep the link wasnt correct. thank you for ur help