Image Links wrong

I migrated to Kirby3 and now image links e.g. from
(image: pressearbeiter-logo_n.svg)
are not linked correctly in rendered html, so image is broken.

Link Image is wrong.

How can I fix it?

Best Martin

Is the image actually located in the page where you are trying to use it?

Image is uploaded via panel and inserted into textfield.

I can preview thumbnail but it’s not visible in published site.

Hm, the images on projekte seem to work fine? They are served from the media-folder, which is fine.

Do you use the same code for outputting those in the templates?

yes this code from projekte directly links images:
<img src="<?php echo $project->images()->first()->url() ?>" alt="<?php echo html($project->title()) ?>" class="img-responsive">

The Code from intro is just - here I see wrong URL for img-tag.
<?php echo kirbytext($data->text()) ?>

Could you try $data->text()->kirbytext() instead, please?

THANKS! That seemed to fix issue :slight_smile:

I’ll try this on different pages later.