Picture link in One-Pager Kirby 3

First things first, Kirby 3 looks great :clap: and I’m happy to be able to throw myself into the cold water.

I’m building a One-Pager with the method described in the references and got it to work so far. I have no problem getting the content as $part onto the home-page. But I made a test where I link a picture with the markdown (image: image.jpg) method inside the textarea. This image appears as broken link, linking to root/image.jpg instead of linking to it’s actual position.
For now I can work with fetching the picture manually, but I’m wondering if this is a bug or I’m doing something wrong.
The text is defined as textarea, I’m fetching it as kirbytext().

Is that image you drag into the textarea field an image from the same page or from another page?

Same page.
(If I click on the image inside the panel, I’m getting the accurate url.)

I altered the structure of the One-Pager tutorial. The sections are not subpages of home but the same hierarchy. Therefore the pages are children of the site.
$site->children()->listed() as $part
But that shouldn’t be the problem, or is it?

Hm, that’s weird. While there seems to be an issues with including files from other pages (path missing in KirbyTag), other image links work fine even if you output the content on other pages. Do any of your image links work correctly, i.e. do they have a url that contains the media folder?

Could you send me a zip with your project (or the relevant files) for testing?

Your code is deprecated:

 <h1><?= $part->albumtitle()->html() ?></h1>
 <?= $part->text()->kirbytext() ?>
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