Absolute Path Linking Broken

I’ve been having some trouble reliably linking to other pages or images in Markdown (Kirbytext). I am demoing Kirby right now and while I think I understand it pretty well (I’ve created some complex templates, tags, etc in just a couple of days), maybe I am missing something obvious.

In general, the site is fairly complex, with a deep nested structure.

If I am very deep in the structure and I want to link to another branch of the tree, I’d normally use a root path rather than a relative path to get there.


Simple enough. Kirby, however, doesn’t generate a proper link for that. The link is generated from the root of my entire server, not from the root of the kirby project.

That is, instead of generating a link:


it generates


Clearly, not what I want.

A similar, but somewhat odder, issue cropped up when I attempted to use basic Markdown image links rather than Kirby’s (image) links:

For example, iirc,


will fail with a similar problem to normal links (not going where is should under the root), but

(image: /path/to/image.jpg)

works perfectly.

I’m a little worried, as I was thinking Kirby was doing gang-busters for this evaluation until I came upon this while building up the content of the site.

To put a slight wrinkle in it. If I ASK Kirby’s $page object (which I do, to generate related pages links) if


For example, I have code that looks like this:

(not real code, stuff removed for clarify)

$rps = $page->related()->pages();
    foreach ($rps as $p)
        <a href="<?php echo $p->url() ?>"><?php echo $p->title()->html() ?></a>

Where the Related: field in a page looks like:

Related: /path/to/file,/path/to/other/file

is a valid page, it will say yes and return the correct page. This works fine.

This really seems to be embedded in the Markdown/Kirbytext processing, but…I dunno.


I think there was a similar issue recently and if you use (file: path/to/image) instead of (link: path/to/image), it should work now. I don’t know about using Markdown, though.