Online-Ordering-Service for restaurants?

I’m testing snipcart and I thought I could use it for adding onlineordering food to an existing restaurant-website.
I think snipcart is pretty cool and simple to use. But it has its limits when it comes to customization of the dashboard (I didn’t find a way to define a list of orders with custom fields).

Do you know another service that you would recommend and which is made especially for online ordering and managing food on an existing restaurant-website?

I know there is the Merx Plugin.
But my level of php and kirby knowledge is to low and the documentation of Merx to minimalistic for me (I would have to bore you with alot more of stupid beginersquestions :wink:)

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Are you aware of the snipcart plugin?

This would allow you to have the dashboard in the Panel and you could even customize it to your liking, see this thread: Shop related question (another one)

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