Basic understanding Snipcart Plugin / HashandSalt

Since most of the code for the elements of the whole thing are in the folder of the plugin, I have no clue how to extend or change things like add something to the snipcart button(e.g. sizes) or the checkout-summary, like a German translation of “Checkout” or “Cart” etc. Except doing it directly in the plugin files (which I did), but once I update the plugin to a new release, everything would be gone.

How is it meant to be?

In the documentation of the plugin it says:

Extend the product data blueprint into you product page blueprint:

    type: fields
    productinfo: cart/product

Stupid as I am I just copied it over and modified it a bit, which does work, but I feel like I did it wrong, because the documentation says “extend it”. Also I don’t have a “product data blueprint”, I wouldn’t know what it is and what it does, since there are no hints in the doc of the plugin. Of course I have a page for each product set up and so I do have “product data” that show up everywhere I need them to show up, but I am confused.

In the panel view of each product I get this:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-18 um 04.37.20

Which is probably due to the fact that I am running this thing locally and on a test key from Snipcart.

But this post indicates that I can open a seperate panel view using the hamburger icon of the panel. But thats not the case. The plugin doesn’t appear in the list of Kirby panel menu. Maybe it does it later, while being online, but I have the feeling I missed something here.

It looks like i need to do some work on the plugin due to some recent changes in Kirby. The front end side of the plugin should work fine, its just the panel side of the plugin that needs an update. You can can continue to use it, you will just need to bear with me until ive fixed it.

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Its just that I guess I am holding it wrong, see my questions 1 + 2. I’m trying the plugin with Kirby 3.6 and it overall does work, except for the extra panel view. I just don’t know, what I am getting wrong.

The view probably doesn’t work because of the change from views to Panel areas in Kirby 3.6

Yes thats right. Ive been looking into it this afternoon i think Im actually going to have to refactor about 80% of it since it also relys on the table component from @distantnative which i think has now been deprecated i think (atleast its no longer on NPM). :person_facepalming:

There is a native table panel component now i think i can replace it with.

This may take some time…

While working on it, maybe you could enhance the explanation how to implement and maybe modify or extend the plugin to one needs. Basically along the questions 1 + 2, that I asked above.

Any chance that the plugin gets the update for it to work any time soon?

I am working on this, preliminary version available for manual install in the plugins repo on the dev branch

Working bringing back the rest of the dashboard (order history etc)

For now you can manually install and get back the high level stats in the dashboard and the custom product field that gives the total sales for that specific product.

Will do a proper release once i have the stats dashboard finshed.

Just to be clear, this is a pre-release so please go careful :slight_smile:

Hi, I am recieving the error “Invalid field type (“producttotal”)” within the product blueprint.
I’m not sure if I am missing something or not?


I think the fields are case sensitive. Try productTotal instead of producttotal in the blueprint and make sure you are using the proper release via composer rather than the pre-release above.

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