Kirby + Snipcart or Shopify Lite?

Hi. Does anyone have any experience with integrating either Snipcart or Shopify Lite (or full) with Kirby? Which do you find preferable? Which provides the best interface for non-technical clients? Which is the easiest to integrate and manage? Which results in the least errors or requires the least maintenance?

Thank you :slight_smile:

There are plugins for both:

Haven’t used any of them, so can’t tell…

I would say that Snipcart provides the best overall experience in terms of ease (not just beacause thats my plugin :slight_smile: ) having used both systems with Kirby, I can say Shopify takes quite a bit more setup and the products are managed on Shopify and brought into Kirby via the API. The products get cached within Kirby and i have run into occassions where its difficult to update the cache, but that just how Shopify works.

The reverse is true with Snipcart - you can manage the products from within Kirby, without having to use two control panels.