One content folder with multiple site.txt files for multisite

I have multiple kirby installs using the same content folder.

The sites should have different names - however, with my setup, it takes the “site.txt” file from the unique content folder so all sites are named the same.

Is there a way to have one content folder with multiple site.txt files - and then map each site to use their related site.txt file?


No, not out of the box. But instead of calling the site title, you might as well set up a field for each language (maybe in a structure field), then use this information instead of the site title.

@romain Would you be able to explain your setup in a little more detail? - e.g., why do you have all these different sites accessing the same content folder? Sounds like an interesting setup, and I’d like to understand your use-case.

Depending on how/why you need the multi-site setup, you might be able to simply set all the different sites up with a custom configuration for their ‘/content’ folder - ie., they’d all point to the same content folder. You can read more about placing the default Kirby folders in different location - and multi-site setups - here.

TBH, don’t know whether that would work, and what kind of problems you’re likely to run into. The Kirby team has gone through a lot of trouble to cater for different situations that arise during the ‘normal’ editing process - e.g., if 2 people are trying to edit the same content at the same time.