Name of main Kirby folder

Hi. I have a licence, have bought a theme (Thinking, as it happens). Docs say install all theme folders in web space, then install current Kirby folder. Folder I download is called Kirby-3.7.0. Do I simply install this (and presumably delete the theme’s Kirby folder) or rename it Kirby?

Incidentally, it seems to me slightly peculiar that the documentation and download options for Kirby seem to ignore the possibility that one might want to use a theme.

The kirby folder must be called kirby, so if what you download is called kirby-3.7.0, you have to rename it.

A theme shouldn’t actually come with a kirby folder already pre-installed…

If you run into issues, get in touch with the developer, they might not yet have updated their theme to be compatible with the latest Kirby version.

Thanks for the super-swift response.

I think I have gone wrong by following a link which took me via the special 3.7 page to Github. If I download the plainkit folder from I get a kirby folder named kirby.

This is not the first theme I have downloaded. The other had a built-in kirby folder too.