My customized panel

I like Kirby and it’s panel :smile:

But I also wanted some… customization, that’s why I hooked a thing or two;

  • Divided the page in sections, which act like accordions (dynamic tabs).
  • Narrowed the width of a structured field, so you can see two on a row.
  • Made a custom field, which dynamically show the icon you need.

Check out the demo below - maybe it’s useful for future versions of Kirby?

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FYI: Kirby 2.2 will have an optional table style layout for structure fields.


I managed to make mine smaller with this code, in a custom panel.css

.structure-entry {
float: left;
margin: 1% 2% 1% 0;
width: 49%;

.structure-entry:nth-child(2n) {
margin-right: 0;

Especially the dynamic / collapsible sections are handy; the blueprint is very large (landingspage with tons of options) and with this feature you can navigate quickly between the sections. It’s all done with javascript, no core files changed.

There is also this plugin by @twirx which adds the possibility of tabs to blueprints. It works really great, and I prefer the section-navigation (as tabs) to be at the top, rather than accordions – but that might be just my taste.

That one’s even better!

Didn’t knew it existed, wasn’t listed on the plugins-page :stuck_out_tongue: