Grouping Fields in the Panel

I created this super simple custom field which allows you to group fields inside of the Panel. Pages can get pretty unwieldy, this is a nice way to stay organized. It’s first version, would love to see it evolve.


Great work man, simple and sweet.
Add expand / collapse ( Accordation ) and you will become a superninja… !! ; )


This is complimentary to the Accordion Headline field. I’d even say they could be merged into a single plugin.
I would personally love a simpler way to define groups, without having to use two fields, like:

title: Project
    label: Title
    type:  text
    label: My nice label
    collapsed: false
        label: Year
        type:  text
        label: Text
        type:  textarea
        label: Tags
        type:  tags

The “group” here is not a field, it would be a blueprint option.
But this is Kirby core land, I don’t think it is something we can do with a plugin.


This is a great suggestion, would love to see his added to the core!

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Thanks for the support. I agree they share a lot of the same features. The main thing I didn’t like about that plugin was not being able to define where a group started and stopped. What If I wanted a group, then a couple fields, then a group again. That wouldn’t allow.

There is quite a bit of room to merge the two or come up with a better way to define them. I maybe need to brush up on YAML a bit more to know what kind of options there are with it’s syntax.

Nice! Noob question: How do I install this correctly?


  1. Download the zip file and extract it
  2. Put the unzipped folder into /site/fields (if the fields folder does not exist, create it first)
  3. Rename the unzipped folder from “kirby-panel-group-master” to “panelgroup”.
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