Panel tabs for admin fields

In WordPress Advanced Custom Fields there are a field type called “tab”. When having hundreds of fields it saves the day to be able to structure the fields into tabs.

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It’s not about tabs, but you could find this topic useful.
I have also felt the need for tabs on long forms.

@Malvese Yes, accordions is better than nothing. Thanks!

However I think tabs is better than accordions because it’s easier to see where you are. On mobile devices accordions can be a good enough replacement for tabs, I think.

If the admin HTML structure change, it can break plugins like this, therefor I hope it’s built in.

Yes, the plugin it a bit fragile as there is no container around headline groups.

I think it would not be hard to modify the plugin to use tabs instead. I thought about it but didn’t have time. Ideally the current plugin would be extended, so we can choose between tabs and accordion.

Based on @Luke’s idea, I created a tab field type some time ago. However, it’s rather hacky, but feel free to use it.

If someone would like to fork it/modify/merge it to include an accordion or tab option, that’s fine. Maybe some day I will get to it, but right now it’s not a priority for me, as I don’t mind accordions.

And yes, this is a fragile & “hacky” plugin that’s only meant to suffice until @bastianallgeier works field grouping in as a native feature.

As far as it breaking with DOM changes, if this happens post a bug on the repo and I will gladly look into resolving the issue.

Here’s my version, made specifically for use inside of the structure field.


Thanks for sharing. It’s working well so far.

Hacky or not, it seems to work fine.

When downloaded the ZIP-file I hade to move the CSS and JS files to /assets/js/ and /assets/css/ to make it work.