Multi-site setup with shared content

Hi there,

is it possible to utilize a shared content folder/panel i a multi-site setup?

I am already using a multi-site setup with a shared kirby core and assets, but i don’t know if it is possible to have shared content as well.
So the setup would look like this:
Would it be possible to select/inherit a page from the shared content in site-a?

The goal is to have one single source of truth/content when one page is identical on multiple sites.
Maybe there is an entire other and better way to achieve this?

Thank you!

I’m not really sure about the best way to achieve this.

Leaving SEO consideration about duplicate content under different URLs aside, maybe keep the shared pages in one of the projects, make them read-only in the others and sync via a hook when the source pages are updated. The main problem I see here though are possible conflicts with page sorting/visibility.

I’m looking to do a similar thing. For context, a client of mine has an older e-commerce website that uses Snipcart. They’d like to launch a B2B part of the site that takes orders but doesn’t actually take money, just creates invoices. I’d look at using Merx for this as Snipcart doesn’t support what they need (for budget reasons I don’t want to build something from scratch). It would be best if I had a totally separate site folder for this as the B2B site will have a login area and some other features, plus I don’t really want to work with the old codebase. The concerns around SEO aren’t relevant as the content would be “gated” behind a login, all I’d need to do is grab product information and a different price from a B2B field.

It seems feasible, I just can’t find anything conclusive. Any thoughts on how best to do this?