One (group of) users, many sites

I am exploring the feasibility of Kirby as a CMS for a work project.

We are a publishing company with a number of publications, each of which needs a particular mini-site to satisfy legal requirements. We would like these sites to share a common template, with different content per publication (editor photo & bio, description, etc.). Each of these sites is on its own domain.

My question here has two parts:

First, is there a way to establish a “Master Site” with blueprints/plugins/configuration that can be propagated out to each of the mini-sites? Everything, more or less, except the assets and content folders would ideally be shared. I’m not necessarily talking about building a custom Starter Kit, but rather keeping a single master installation that may be edited to, for example, add a form field, and have that one change propagate to all of the mini-sites, either in real-time or using some kind of deploy script.

Second, if the above answer is yes, would it be possible to create a master document of users that could be pulled in by each site? For the same reasons as above, we would like to manage the user pool for these sites from a single location, rather than in each of 20 or more installations.

Thanks in advance!

You can have a multi-site setup with Kirby as explained here:

I’m not sure how that works with the Panel, though, as I’ve never set Kirby up like that myself.

Maybe someone else can shed some light on this, @lukasbestle?

You could share the site folder with the user accounts and only have different content and asset folders.

Sharing the site folder should work just fine. You will have separate Panel logins per site, but the credentials would be shared. Of course, sharing the templates, blueprints and other files in the site directory is no problem either.