Modules plugin with revisions

Today I set up a site with the modules plugin. I really like how it works. I also use the revisions plugin form @jenstornell which just works great, except on the module pages.
I’ve insert the revision field on every module blueprint. And in the content folder the revisions get created and updated. But on the page itself it always displays the message:
Versionen No revisions found

I’m not sure if this is a bug in the revisions plugin or in the module plugin? Hope you can help me to get this to work properly. Thanks.

I haven’t used the Revisions plugin together with Modules so far, but I don’t see any reason why the Modules plugin would interfere (except maybe that the Modules plugin registers its blueprints using the Kirby blueprint registry). @jenstornell?

I guess someone (trying to not look at myself) needs to test this combination in order to see why the error occurs.

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Thanks for your look in to it…
I just had another problem with this combo: With revisions installed I’m not able to delete modules anymore. But as soon as I disable the revisions plugin it works as expected.
I also tried it with a fresh installation, but no luck.

The last issue should be this one: