Kirby Sortable/Modules together with subpages

Hey there,

since i use the Modules Plugin for creating a module-like page i stumbeled upon the same problem each time. Since both the modules of the page and the subpages (since they’re both subpages btw) the ordering function with sorting numbers is not functioning. I tried every possible way with unvisible and visible preferences but it all ends up in a workaround.

I therefore use @flokosiol 's translations-plugin for »publishing« pages.

So did anybody end up with the same question/problem and found a solution?

Thanks for any help

I think your best option is to place the modules in an invisible modules subfolder, that is what the plugin docs recommend, anyway, as far as I remember. Then within the modules folder, your modules can be visible and sortable again.

Another option is to use the modules plugin in conjunction with the Kirby Sortable plugin

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