Manually sorting Subpages in Panel via Drag & Drop fails?

Hello Folks, I searched along all other threads, but I didn’t find an answer. In the Kirby Panel I see all my Subpages. I can even use the Drag & Drop function, but just to switch subpages from the “visible” to “hidden” area. Is there a way to sort manually subpages in the panel via Drag & Drop or how could my customer achieve this result via panel? Thank you very much for your help.

Drag & Drop should be work by default, except you made special blueprint settings as described here.

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Thank you very much, it worked! Too stupid that I didn’t see it myself, very sorry. I think it’s time for the week-end now -.- :smile:

You’re welcome – no excuse necessary. And I absolutely agree that it’s time for the weekend.


How do you sort invisible subpages?

As far as I know, invisible pages can’t be sorted in the panel.

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@AdamRasheed: The reason is that sorting means giving the page a sorting number, thus making it visible.

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@AdamRasheed Why do you want to sort the invisible pages in the panel? Just to display them in a different order in the panel or to display them in your template?