Drag and drop Pages and Subpages

Having difficulty getting drag and drop to work for certain parts of panel. mainly subpages.
Currently migrating from Kirby 2 and been following the starter kit.

I want to be able to drag and drop artists within the artists parent page, but cant seem to get it to work.

this is currently my artists.yml in blueprints/pages:

title: Artists

extends: sections/artists
label: Drafts
status: draft
template: artist

extends: sections/artists
label: Published Artists
layout: list
template: artist

and here is my artists.yml in blueprints/sections

any help resolving this would be great, thanks!

dragndrop sorting wont work as expected if you have more than one type of template in the parent and use a pages section and filter a subset of them (by template: artist). does your parent artists page have other pages than just those of artist blueprint?

I found the solution to this, which ended up being very silly. I have an artist.yml which generates subpages for each artist, but the default drag and drop was being overwritten by

num: zero

anyway. works all good now! Thanks for the reply!