Kirby page history


Right now, if someone edits a page and saves it, the previous state is lost.
I was wondering if there is a way with Kirby 3 to create revisions / edit history for a page?

I’ve found

but it’s for Kirby 2.


There is currently no native way to have revisions and I’m not aware of a plugin.

What is your use case? Would it be enough to store revisions in a git repo or in backups, or do you actually need a complete restore workflow in the Panel?

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thanks for the super quick reply!

Storing revisions in a git repo could be a good solution for now I suppose! The best would be to restore / see changes from the panel, but I guess it’s not urgent.

Basically we have contributors who might create pages, and others who might edit / improve them. For now we have only a dozen contributors, so checking the changes via a git repo would probably be ok I guess!
We just don’t want to use mediawiki for what we need. We are already using kirby so it would be perfect.
Or is there a way to automatically duplicate a page on change? Or even add a button or something via the blueprint? So like the page could be duplicated under a “history folder” or something?

Thank you!

Yes, you could do that either automated via a hook or using the Janitor plugin if you want a button in the Panel.

Git plugin:

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That’s awesome!

I will then duplicate the page via a button, and show the other pages with the same title or something under a “history” folder on the front end via the template. Something around that!

Will keep you updated! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

hi @romain , it is been a while since you posted but i have the same situation. how did you solve this? i also have to create a history and optimally be able to retrieve the last changes.

thank you but that is not exactly what i need and i am already in contact with lukas about upgrades to his plugin. what i need is selective recovery, so if one page changes, only retrieve the last changes for that page, not the whole content folder, which is lukas’ plugin’s case.