Content draft states and revisions

Hi everyone,

I’m currently exploring options for my new go-to CMS, i like Kirby for it’s speed and flat-file way of managing content. Also it seems easy to get started and i’ve already made my first website with it.

For another project i’m working on i have a pretty specific need and i’m wondering if someone has ever worked with this before. I have found some posts on the forum that leads me into a direction but it’s mostly not what i’m looking for.

What i’m looking for:

Managing content with revisions, in other words;

Being able to roll back to a certain version of the content. Forum leads me to the GIT plugin, and this could be an option but it’s not really ideal for a situation where you work with editors.

Managing more content states with different editors/users, in other words;

Being able to have a ‘published’ version of the content and a ‘draft’ version where editors can do changes but not publish those changes right away. It could be defined as; ‘published’ being live on the website, ‘draft’ being only available in the panel/url and a step inbetween those two states where the content is live but changes are needed.

I hope this makes sence, i tried keeping it short.

Looking forward to hear from y’all.

— Nin

No. 1: Not possible out of the box at the moment, also see Kirby page history, could be achieved with a plugin.
No. 2: Currently only via plugins, see

First off; thanks for your quick reply!

The option using janitor could indeed be a work around, at least that’s how i see it. It’s not really what i’m trying to accomplish but it could do the thing.

It would be great to see a feature like this baked into Kirby, but looking at the upvote’s in Nolt it will take some time :rofl:

A well implemented plug-in would obviously also be a good thing, so if someone with more technical knowledge reads along; please contact me or drop a line below maybe we can work on this together.

For those of you who are coming across this forum posts, as @texnixe already stated both functions are not in the core of Kirby (yet).

There was already a feature request for revisions and now there’s also one for ‘drafts for published pages’.


So please go ahead and up vote those feature requests and get it into Kirby :wink: