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Hello, I may have project that requires the ability to review and approve content. I get that we can create a page as a draft and share that URL so folks that are logged in can review it. Upon approval we can change the status to published. But I see that only working with new pages. What if you need to edit an existing page that’s already published/listed and you need approval of those edits before making those edits live to the public? This seems like an obvious requirement for edit/review/approval process. Maybe I missed something. Please advise.

Currently, there is no out of the box workflow for this.

What could work:

  1. Duplicate the page that needs to be changed and reviewed. The duplicate will be saved as a draft.
  2. When the new content is ready to be published, use a hook (maybe one that reacts on a “ready for publishing” toggle) to delete the old page and replace it with the duplicate.
  3. Since the new draft cannot have the same slug as the original, you probably have to store a connection between the two, so that you know the original title/slug when you later need to replace the original.

Better ideas welcome and maybe there is someone who has already created a plugin for this?

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Did you ever find a fitting solution for this matter?

I decided not to use Kirby in the case, but the solution @texnixe suggested would work.

Since I’m in the same boat as you were a few months ago may I ask what did you end up using?

There are related feature wishes on the feedback channel you may want to upvote and/or add your perspective to:

@niintek, wordpress ( against my will )

@thewebprojects Auch I was hoping for a more satisfying answer :laughing:

I’m currently exploring Craft, which does everything I need out of the box or with first party plugin.

I really love Kirby, but on this particular subject its lacking.

@sebastiangreger Upvoted already but doesn’t seem like a much wanted feature, unfortunately.