Extending Kirby's page status system

Good morning all.
I’m looking for a way to extend Kirby’s page status mechanism.
I haven’t found any plugins covering this feature but maybe I missed them.
There are currently three statuses, is it possible to add one or more?
Or do I have to build my own system based on fields and blueprints?
I’m afraid that in this case handling both the native system and mine will be a bit confusing for the end user.
Maybe one of you has a lead?

Thanks for your quick response, @texnixe
Reading this I guess if I need more than three statuses I’m going to need to bring my own system.

Some statuses will correspond “in review by level 1”, or “in review by level 2”…
All statuses, except the last one, will result in an unpublished page (draft).
A change should be able to send an email, change the native status, etc.

Maybe it’s better not to touch the native statuses but to hide totaly them and control them via the new status system with hooks and the $page->changeStatus() method …

I keep thinking about this but if anyone has a better idea … :slight_smile:

Thank you anyway.