Prevent deletion of pages via panel

I want pages in the panel to be editable but editors should not be able to delete a page. Any ideas how to achieve that without hacking the panel core? Can’t find anything in the docs …

[Edit: ]Found the answer in the old forum, just in case anyone else is looking for that. Just add

deletable: false at the top of the blueprint.

<?php if(!defined('KIRBY')) exit ?>

title: Page
pages: true
files: true
deletable: false
    label: Title
    type:  text
    label: Text
    type:  textarea

Thank you very much for this info.

Can I stop the changing of the URL/URI of pages via blueprint?

I think not at the moment, but there will be a way in one of the next releases.

Hi @texnixe, @distantnative and @anon77445132!

Has the ability to switch on / off visibility of the “Change URL” function in the sidebar been enabled? I looked at the Kirby Page Settings docs and I don’t see that option listed.

Thanks for the update!

No, haven’t seen it yet, we probably have to push that one on GitHub a bit …

Still hoping to get that solved with user permissions soon (instead of a special option just for this). We will have to see how we will be able to get this together with @bastianallgeier.