Can't move or delete some pages

Hi all -

Hopefully this is a simple question, but when I enter the ‘edit pages’ view in the panel, there are some pages I cannot delete (trash icon is greyed out) or move the order of (if I drag it it just snaps back). The blueprints of this page are identical to some of the ones I can move/delete so I’m wondering what’s going on.


Possible reasons:

  • file permissions on the server
  • blueprint settings (including moving to a page that only allows certain templates as subpages)
  • Panel permissions

Which Kirby version are you using? Which server?

I think there was a problem on 2.4.0 which was fixed in 2.4.1.

Another reason:

these pages have at least one subpage.

Good luck!

Hi - I’m using 2.4.1 on local mamp server. The page I’m currently trying to delete has no subpages. I only have one account for the panel. What exactly in the blueprint settings could be causing the issue?

Please check these blueprint settings:

  delete: false
  status: false

The delete option prevents the page from being deleted, the status option from being sorted.

Thanks - that’s worked. What’s weird though is there are some blueprints without this yet they allow deleting which is what has been throwing me.

The default for delete and status (and the other options) is true.

In the starterkit, the statusoption for all first level pages (apart from home) is set to false.