Missing Editor features in Blocks

Hi there,

I’m currently struggling with a missing feature in the blocks field.
In the Editor field it was possible to hit enter anywhere in a long text, change the type to image and insert an image. So easy to remember especially for clients. Now, with the new blocks field this process is rather compicated:

  1. cut out the text that should follow the image
  2. create a new text block
  3. copy text
  4. create a new image field

this makes it a lot harder to move the image within a text, placing it a paragraph up or down.
Is the new way to go or am I missing something?

If the features had to be cut out, maybe it’s something for the writer field?

Thanks for your support!

You can create a feature request in our feedback channel:

Done :slight_smile:

For those who want to upvote, this is the suggestion URL: