New block with every line break

When I write an article I first write it and then add pictures to it.
As I use the blocks editor for this I will generate one long block. When I now want to add images between paragraphs I have to manually cut & paste the remaining text to a new block.
This is not very convenient. Is there a way to automatically create a new block with every line break (hitting the “Enter” button)? Other editors like Notion behave like that and make post-editing much easier.

Thanks, I am aware of that but I would like to know if there is a workaround as long as this hasn’t been implemented officially.

No, and actually a default new block when hitting Enter wouldn’t make sense, given that the text block can have different nodes and not everyone would want to start a new block on hitting Enter.

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Maybe my setup is too simple to have those kind of requirements but I am just used to editors like Ghost or Notion where you can simply change the type of block with every time you are clicking on “Enter” or just keep writing (simple example over here:
Maybe this could be at least offered as an option to turn on, even if some other features then are deactivated for this block!?