New paragraph (or line break) in caption for image block

for some reason I can’t create a new paragraph (or simply press ‘enter’ for a new line) in the textarea field inside image block

this is weird, it seems like a bug or something, because sometimes it does work. I press ‘enter’ and it starts a new line but when I continue typing it goes back to the upper line.
Did anyone experience such thing? this is the normal behavior?

Is that a custom block? The image block doesn’t have a textarea field… If so, please post all relevant files. Also, please let us know which Kirby version you are using.

ok I’m sorry - you’re right - there is no caption text in the image block. I added a textarea field to the image block yml and it didn’t work well.

Now, I looked at the video block yml and copied the caption field to the image block yml and it seems to work fine.