Textarea only breaks line with Shift + Enter

I have a block for adding text in the Kirby panel but Kirby ignores line breaks except they are already in a text which is pasted in the textarea.
When I hit Enter in the textarea, there is some space between the lines in the panel but Kirby does not render a line break. If I hit Shift+Enter in the textarea, the line breaks…

What do I have to change, so I don’t have to hit Shift+Enter every time for a line break?
My Text Block:

name: Text
icon: text
wysiwyg: true
preview: text
    type: textarea
    placeholder: Hier steht ein Fließtext
    label: Info
    type: info
    theme: info
    text: |
      This info does not appear..

Additionally, there seems to be an issue with the appearance in the panel because the info field is not displayed…

@marcel4424 Did you actually find an answer to this? If yes, can you share it!?