Editor to Blocks - lost features

Hi, @bastianallgeier and team.

After working for a while with the new Blocks field, and converting Kirby Builder and Editor fields to Blocks, a few comments and questions raised.

Kirby Builder to Blocks is a great solution, there are new features, it is smoother and better. The Layout field is also a great addition.

But I can’t say the same for the Editor to Blocks transition.
For writers and content editors, the most loved features are lost.

  • Copy/paste option for large chunks of text with h, p, quote, lists now is gone. They must add manually new blocks for every one of them. It is not a smooth solution at all. Even the Markdown field is a better solution now. For articles Editor was almost perfect.
  • In Editor, markdown shortcodes were also a great plus, editors could easily write using the only keybord.

My question is - Will you be adding these features to core Blocks field blocks in the future or there are no plans for that?

I have two projects in development where clients saw and loved Editor, and don’t feel the same for Blocks substitute, and now it is a matter of deciding what to do.

Thank you.

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One more thing I just noted.

Editor migration is not good, paragraph tags are missing. Every individual text block must be updated and saved to have paragraph tags. But on the other hand List block adds a sufficient paragraph tag for every item.

I must say those are very big issues for people that already added many articles or texts with Editor. It is a large amount of time needed to fix everything after migration.

Also, what is the intention for Image block Ratio and Crop options besides panel view?

I must say it would be ideal if Editor stayed, and just Kirby Builder plugin was converted to Blocks field. Worst thing at the moment is that Blocks field and Editor plugin can’t work side by side. So I am forced to migrate Editor in order to use latest Kirby version.

The copy/paste feature will be implemented with one of the next releases:

we didn’t manage to complete this for the release but this will definitely find its way into the blocks field as well in one of the next releases

@bastianallgeier mentioned this on Discord.


Thank you, @flokosiol, that’s definitely great news.

Same is true for more keyboard shortcuts.

Most of the issues you are mentioned are known and reported:

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Thank you very much, @distantnative, that’s good news.

I know you all pushed a tremendous effort to create a new Blocks field, and there is all kind of other improvements you added, but it would be great if these issues could be prioritized in the next year, because Editor field was released only a year ago as a great new thing, and many people, including myself, used it heavily. So, now it’s not a small issue to be discontinued only after a year, and not properly transitioned to blocks, leaving us a bit stuck with it.

But, before anything else, I wish you all to have some rest and enjoy in holidays.
And I wish you all a new year filled with love, health, happiness, and success! :pray:

Thank you for your work, and may the force be with Kirby! :rocket: