Mirror content on multiple pages and alternate content based on user group

Hi all, I am thinking about using Kirby for a small kind of wiki/documentation website and the most suitable blueprint setup and content structure. For the main content, the blocks field seems to be totally fine, because all articles are long form texts with no fancy stuff but images, and text.

But there a two ideas around the content setup where I am not sure how to proceed. Maybe some of you has an idea!

  1. There are different user groups. Most of the time, they will or will not have access to content they need / don’t need. But there is also content all groups will need but with slighty different infos on let’s say some sections. I think it would be quite nice to write these sections in the same document but only display the content (of some paragraphs) based on the user group. How would you realize that?

  2. Most of the pages are written in long form at the moment. But I would like to sync specific sections between multiple pages. Do you now these synced blocks Notion has? Something like that! It would be great to edit some content on one master page and use it on other pages, too. I am not sure if this is possible. The only way I can imagine here is to not write long form articles but to compose pages out of many small texts with for e.g. the pages field. But I see some disadvantages in the authoring process.

Thank you a lot for any ideas and hints?