Kirby 3 – Display page content fields in a tab


I’m trying Kirby 3 for a new website I’m doing and i’m trying to get familiar with the tab concept.

I would like to use the tabs as a way of navigating from one page to the other. This is a very simple website with 3 pages so I would like to have the fields from each page to be displayed in a tab on the front page of the back office.

But I can’t find a way of getting this done, I only managed to display pages and subpages, but I would prefer to edit the content directly in the tab without having to click on the page link.

I created a blueprint for each page, so I guess I need to link it to the site blueprint in some way?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hey! Welcome to the Kirby Forum :slight_smile:

That’s a nice idea. Unfortunately it’s not possible yet to have fields for different pages in the same blueprint. This is what would be necessary to edit three different pages in three different tabs. Could you create an Ideas ticket on Github for this? I think it could be really helpful for others as well:

Hi Bastian

Thanks for the quick answer!
I’ll create an Ideas ticket on Github.