Matomo works just on localhost

Hey guys,
I installed the matomo plugin on my kirby website. On localhost everything works like a charme and I can see my data from the matomo tracking. But when I go to the live page I always see “There is no data to display”.
Has anyone had this problem before?

Thanks in advance,

No idea, not using the plugin. But

Which Kirby version are you using?
Is there any difference between the PHP versions on your server and on localhost?
If you check the browser console or the network tab, do you see any errors there?
Also check the server error logs and PHP error logs on the server.

a lot of browsers detect matomo as a tracker just like google analytics and block it.
whats helps if matomo is served from the same domain as your website but its not a guarantee it will work.

Hello Hello,

Matomo is served from the same domain. But I found some errors, but I have no idea how to fix these.

“error setting certificate verify locations:\n CAfile: /var/…/kirby/cacert.pem\n CApath: /etc/ssl/certs”

I checked the php version, and both matomo and the kirby website are on PHP 8.1. I´m using the kirby verison 3.6.