Matomo - Token but where?

Hello everyone!

i try to install matomo for hours. Where is this token_auth? Settings API where? I can’t even reach the matomo dashboard. Its installed and i can load the blueprint but no sign of this token.

Im new here so i think its not a shame to ask here before wasting more hours.

Thanks for reading!

Withing the Matomo control panel, there is an option to create these (i am doing this from memory, it has been a long while since i set it up). Once you have that information, you need to add it to the Kirby config as described here

You can find the API key settings in Matomo control panel under settings - > API

As i said: I cant reach the control panel for matomo. I did the basic install. There are 3 main settings you need to do in order get matomo working: id (is set to 1), url and token. What i need to put in this Url? The token is in the control panel, thats good

Are you sure you uploaded all the files? There might be a hidden one called .htaccess that is often missed. This might be why you cant access the matomo panel. This file can have rules in for proper routing, and without it you may not be able to reach parts of matomo.

For clarity, when you you say you cant reach the control panel for matomo, are you refering to the matomo panel itself, or the dashboard you are expecting to see inside the Kirby panel?

From what i remember the URL should be the URL to the matamo installation, and ID is the name of the site you configured withing Matomo.

Sorry, i mean the matomo dashboard / panel. The kirby control panel itself is fine and running okay. The Url is set up now linked not to the matomo main directory instead i linked it to the matomo.php file. Silly me. I see a red matomo dashboard / panel button now but when i click on it loads an error page.

Im running on localhost. I spent the time to set up kirby with the starterkit to exclude any mistakes.
(its not running either on the starterkit). My path what i did: 1. Downloaded & unzipped the archive. 2. rename it and copy to …/site/plugins/matomo. 3. Add config: id (my title of the website?), url (…/site/plugins/matomo the install location) and token (left with “token” because i can’t reach the matomo control panel yet). 4. I added on the (starterkit) site.yml a new Tab with a full matomo blueprint. 5. But now when i try to enter the red button (label: “Matomo Dashboard” the url says: localhost/site/plugins/matomo) i get a error page not the matomo dashboard.

The URL must be the URL to your Matomo installation, not to the plugin, the id is the ID that is assigned to the website to track in your Matomo installation, and you can find it in the Dashboard of your Matomo installation under Settings as described in the plugin readme.

If you don’t have access to your Matomo installation, you cannot get hold of this information.

Oh that makes sense now. Its not a full integration, its a add-on for the existing matomo installation. Now i can reach the dashboard and get that token. Thank you all for your help!

Yes, exactly. It wouldn’t make sense at all to integrate something like that in a Kirby plugin, as Matomo has its own requirements (e.g. a database), it’s often used for more than one website etc.

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