Matomo Plugin im Panel - redirect - not authenticated? (now in English)

Good evening

I just installed Matomo and the plugin. The tracking works like it should - this is my config.php:

    'sylvainjule.matomo.url'        => '',
    ''         => '1',
    'sylvainjule.matomo.token'      => 'mein ein zu eins copy und pasted token',
    'sylvainjule.matomo.disableCookies' => true,
    'sylvainjule.matomo.debug'          => false,

So: tracking works, I see traffic in the live view in Matomo. Now I want to install the default blueprint of the plugin according to the readme in the Panel. And then something strange happens:

The body of the otherwise empty page includes this JSON:


The token auth which was generated exactly for this Panel Use Case was used according to the panel:

I am running current Kirby alpha with current Matomo beta :see_no_evil:

Did anyone encounter this already?

I find it very strange


PS: Beside my translation to English I checked via a simple GET request: the auth code for the API works if I call it directly in the browser

Can’t help with this, but please keep in mind that the forum language is English (and people who are using the plugin and might help might not understand German).

I was so in the middle of it, I totally did not realize - thats for the heads-up! I will change my post now if possible to English :slight_smile:

It is quite funny. I only have two reloads of my panel before my super webhoster false-blocks my IP due to the high number of redirects) of all access and well, the are out of office at 8pm…

@texnixe one question though: with your Eagle-like eyes, do you see anything which could cause mischief in the routes of the plugin? With this strange forwarding effect, my first tipp would be routes.

But I only have 1 try left and I need to continue other work on the project lol


As I wrote, I cannot test this plugin now. But from the error message, I would assume that you are logged out of the Panel for some reason and that this causes the request to the api route to be unauthenticated.

Use a VPN or restart your router to get a new IP.

That was not my request :slight_smile: Thanks for your input!


Ah yes so I tested it with the latest Kirby 3 Version - it works there, but not with Kirby 4-alpha.5

I will post about it tomorrow in the appropriate Discord channel.