Made with Kirby and <3


Thank you so much, Manuel! Beautiful site. Lots of great inspiration there.


I’m running on Kirby. I’m looking for tech-theme-stickered Laptops on the Web (mostly Twitter) and with permission I post them on the site.

Right now I’m working on Tags, and trying to figure out how to collect tags on images on subpages.

I’m using Kirby since Bastian talked about it on UX-Munich some years ago. Used it for several other sites like and


Hey fun ! It reminds me this damn good ad apple did some years ago. When I saw it for the first time, I was like : “Shit they have understand everyting, again !” :wink:


800 Kilometers Alone across the Largest Freshwater Lake in the World: BWT Supports Extreme Athlete Ernst Bromeis on his Spectacular Swimming Expedition for Environmental Protection. (From the Press News of today)

And I did the website with Kirby 3. I’ll grow over the next weeks with more functions.


Hi there!
With my partner in code Manu Lechat, we just finish this website for a french design studio based in Nantes.

The graphism is from Antonin + Margaux and photos are from Grégory Valton.


I’m currently in the process of building the backend of this car shopping-sharing service.
With Kirby of course, just like the website:


Very passionate about this project :heart:


Just migrated this website from an old non PHP7 ready CMS to Kirby 2. Same design, but responsive.


Just gave my business site the Kirby 3 treatment. The new features of K3 combined with the Builder plugin are an unbeatable double act :slight_smile: This was so much fun…



SILO collective

Not really a label, nor a publishing house, not quite a residency and even less an artists group.

Thanks to Cartkit, related, feed, footnotes, KirbyCompress, qr-code, sharringbuttons, plyr, typography and other blueprint addons.


Je suis impressionné !

Bravo. :slightly_smiling_face:


For the last one and a half years we have worked together with PLANT Architect Inc. to build their new website. This is our first Kirby based website and it was a pleasure to work with the system. Our client loves the new Kirby 3 panel!


I work as a developer and designer at the Bayerischer Rundfunk, more specific at PULS. In early summer we organize a three day festival with over 10.000 people. It’s growing over the years so we decided to kill the old Wordpress site and start over fresh with the new Kirby 3. For me it’s the 6th Kirby project and I’m still in love like it’s the first date :heart:

Feel free to check it out here: and feel free to meet me at the festival :partying_face:
Much love to all the help from this lovely forum here!



New site just went live (was waiting for 3.0.3)
If you’re into minimalism give it a check…


Our first Live-Website Made with Kirby 3 went online:


Hi all, I’d like to share this website, not only because we used kirby to build it, but also for the actions taken by ZEA activists. It’s only in French, but their actions are not restricted to France.

The website is one and a half year old and a bit rough on the edges, still running on K2, maybe one day we’ll update it to V3.

ps: there’s a couple of random svg animation in the home page, try realoading mutltiple times :upside_down_face:


J’aime beaucoup, joli site!


Hi Bastian,
I just released a portfolio website for a good friend of mine with Kirby3.
I have to say: Working with Kirby 3 is even more fun! :slight_smile:
Cheers, Andreas


It’s good!
I’m happy to see one of my creations.
My “Bêta” theme is very appreciated.
I’m curious how you modulated the theme… do you want to chat with me by email?



Hey Starckio,
I only needed a few adjustments to fulfill my friends needs. Most of them are about structure (i.e. projects within projects) wich I have done with additional templates and some tweaks at the navigation. Your theme was also very easy to work with, very solid and well structured programming. Thanks a lot! I can in good conscience recommend this theme!
Cheers, Andreas


Small portfolio-page for a 3D-agency. My second kirby project, quite happy with the result: