Made with Kirby and <3


On Mojave as well and just switched the scroll settings to “Always” — yup, that breaks it. Is this a common problem with with Masonry? Didn’t think to test that and not sure how to fix


Masonary style scripts are really hard to do. The math involved to figure it out and get good performance is just crazy. However, browsers have moved and you can get pretty much this effect now through css grid(like this - theres plenty of other ways out there, google around. Im guessing that Mojave setting changes the width of the viewport in a different way, throwing out the maths and making it think there isnt room for another column.

I would file an issue on the Masonary Github, give them some time fix it (that’s actually one of the better scripts) See how long it takes to fix, and if it’s not forth coming try another masonary style script, or ditch javascript solution all together and use CSS grid (dependent on which browsers you want to support.)


Got it to work! I just substituted (100vw - (100vw - 100%)) where I previously had 100vw, and it calculated the width without scroll bar. Hopefully that didn’t break anything else… Many thanks for letting me know about the issue @jimbobrjames @manuelmoreale :+1:


I love makenoise… Lovely to see that their website was built with Kirby ^^


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The website for the local TEDx event in Düsseldorf is my first website I realized with kirby and <3. CD by kittokatsu.


Not really a new site but a few people have asked me via email in the past about my personal site so I decided to strip a few of the custom things I had in there and made a theme out of it.

Has no options, no customisations, no js, no custom webfont.
It’s just a super simple blog with a minimal design.

If you want to see a demo just check my site, the design of the theme is identical.


That’s a really nice theme, Manu, reminds me of my own blog’s. I also love simplicity and try to avoid complications and heavy elements.
Great job.


That’s a nice one. Yeah I keep iterating and every time I remove something and simplify the site a bit more. Not sure if there’s anything else left to remove at this point


I still have Libre Baskerville (locally) – a guilty pleasure, but still looks better than the fallback serif. :slight_smile:
Other than that – nothing.


I was using Iowan as a webfont but then I realised that it’s included by default on MacOS and iOS. That’s why I decided to go with that font stack and ditch the webfont. It’s at least 3 fewer http requests :smile:


Thought it was about time I refreshed my company website with a shiny new look…


New Online: Web Dev & Des for :watermelon:


Hi there !

I used kirby to create the new website of a drawing association for a friend.

Thanks for this incredibly easy to use CMS, I will propose it to future clients of my web agency. Any idea of a publish date for v3 ? Excited to discover this new version :slight_smile:


It will be there when it’s there :wink: For a little fee, you can start discovering now.

  • The whale V2 - Technological monitoring for web developers, a curated daily links of resources, jobs & events

New design and now you can suggest a resource in an online form without subscription or log in



Schroeder Rauch

I was commissioned by Deutsche & Japaner to turn their designs for the website of Schroeder Rauch into code. The project was a lot of fun and — thanks to Kirby and Barba.js — the speed of the resulting site is stunning, albeit it contains lots of (large) images.


Just added a new simplified one page version of my personal site.


Love this one. Bookmarked for next year, when I’m back posting sites on my gallery :v:
Nice work


For a fleeting moment I attempted to migrate away from Kirby to Jekyll, only to realize I was foolish and dumb. Alas: my new portfolio, still powered by Kirby. (Realization: I’ve been building with Kirby for almost half a decade now!)

Thank you @bastianallgeier and all contributors for building such an easy-to-use tool, and thank you @texnixe for graciously answering all of my beginner questions about AJAX validation. :raised_hands: