Made with Kirby and <3


Made with Kirby and <3 <3 <3


I found a bug.


oh yes. thanks for reporting.

#540 is a Kirby website dedicated to web developers which publish a weekly curated list of links to help you do your technological monitoring. The whale publishes articles, resources, event and job announcements.

You can follow The whale in different ways:


My first Kirby Site :slight_smile:


This is a new Kirby Site for an Intellectual Propery Boutique in Spain:
We have integrated this library as a plugin to generate VCARDs on-the-fly and it works like a charm. :slight_smile:

We have done all the Re-Branding too.


Here is my first ever kirby made website. Don’t know much about programming, html, css etc, but learned my way. Also still work in progress :wink:

Let me know your thoughts, thank you.


Here’s a playful website for a dutch cabaret festival that recently launched:


Awesome! Looks good :slight_smile:


I like it, it reminds me lot my website: :grinning:


Yes! Your template was a lifesaver, thank you.:pray:


Ah, that’s why it looked familiar to me :ok_hand: Thanks!


Portfolio for Interior Designer Cyrus Ghanai:

This is the first time we used Imageset and Imagekit by @fabianmichael on a project - these two plugins change the game for handling images in Kirby 2!


Great news, Rotolux Press is online, made with Kirby, tanks to Cartkit plugin !


My humble personal hobby website.

I had abandoned my site (and web coding) for almost a decade. Then got really excited reading about CCS flexbox a couple weeks ago. Watched some Youtube, put my layout together, tried out Grav/Pico/Kirby, and here it is. Next is to revive all the contents it used to have :smile:

Loved how dead simple it is to add a 404


A little photo website about adventures in BC and beyond:


Thats nice site, but you should probably test out the masonry a bit more… it doesn’t look great on very large screens or medium sized ones (my screen is 3440 x 1400)…


Oh interesting! Works fine on my end. Crap :frowning:


hmmm… i’m on a Mac (Mojave) and i tried every major browser, and some others, with the same result… (Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Vivaldi)


I’m on Mojave as well and I bet you have this option set up in a different way than me which is why you have that weird spacing :slight_smile: