Made with Kirby and <3


I published a new Kirby theme in Aware Themes. It’s a corporate/landing theme built with Bootstrap 4.

To view a demo please visit:


Amazing, I like your website and the works you create!


Gold & Wirtschaftswunder

Gold & Wirtschaftswunder is an independent agency for communication and design based in Stuttgart, Germany.

Feel free to check out there website made with Kirby.

View Website


Launched a new side project a few minutes ago:
The domain is self explanatory I think. It’s a collection of great blogs you can read online.

Runs on Kirby obviously, hosted by fonts by
There are both an RSS and a JSON feed available.

I’m always on the hunt for interesting blogs so suggestions are welcome.


Hi Everyone
I recenty built a template with Kirby Sortable and Kirby Module This is my first modular template of this series.

Also I have re-design my website. Check out
Could you please give me feedback? Thank you all of you and Bastian Kirby :slight_smile:


Not strictly a new site, but a major update to an existing one. Includes a rather unorthodox use of the fine support that Kirby has for languages. This is a documentation site, so i needed a way to do multiple revisions of the pages for each version of the framework. Turns out the language support handled this (versions = languages). You can read about how it was done here.


Hi everyone,

I’m glad to share with you the first webpage I’ve made with Kirby. I hope you like it :slight_smile:


Launched a new site for a starting interior designer from Belgium:





Another day, another side project shipped. Launched a few days ago in collaboration with a good friend of mine. The more I use Kirby the more I love it. Can’t wait for the official launch of v3…


@manuelmoreale Nice one! Feel free to list my sites on it :slight_smile:


I don’t think we’re gonna list many sites actually. I have a separate project just for that :grin:
The goal is to list products or people and not really sites as a subject. There are a few categories that are sites related such as blogs but are gonna be the minority


Hey Bastian!

Actually there are really a lot websites made with Kirby. That’s awesome!
So for now I will add two websites.

The first one is a promotional site for a software called Podlive, which is available for macOS, iOS and tvOS. The apps has been developed by myself and my colleague Stefan Trauth. These tools are made for listening live streaming podcasts. The website is made bilingual (English & German) and it provides a blog.

The second website is a private project for my new hobby: woodworking. It is at the very beginning, and actually there are just two blog posts. The website was made to show my process in woodworking in general, and my goal to build hand made wooden loudspeakers in particular. It’s called EMMAudio, and it’s available in German only.